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Jack Swiker
Sandwich Expert

Some say that he was born with a sandwich in his hand.

Some would say that he appeared out of the desert on a decades long quest for the best sandwich.

Some would also say that he’s on a mission from God.

Which ever you choose to believe, Jack Swiker has been on the search for the world’s best sandwiches for years.

Each week he tackles a new sandwich in search of perfection. Cubano, Meatball Sub, Banh Mi, Burger, Hot Dog, the style doesn’t matter, just that the experience brings him closer to finding the best sandwich ever crafted.

In April of 2010, he started writing “The Danger Sandwich” blog in order to keep track of his sandwich exploits, as well as to share his wealth of sandwiching with the world.

Join him as he continues his journey and together maybe we can discover the one sandwich to rule them all!


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